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Sport Psych

Martial Arts


Crazy-Makers: Dealing with Passive-Aggressive People

Why Are People Mean? Don't Take It Personally!

When You Have Been Betrayed

Struggling to Forgive: An Inability to Grieve

Happy Habits: 50 Suggestions

The Secret of Happiness: Let It Find You (But Make the Effort)

Excellence vs. Perfection

Depression is Not Sadness

Conflict in the Workplace

Motivation: Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic

Promoting Healthy Behavior Change

10 Common Errors in CBT

What to Do When Your Jealousy Threatens to Destroy Your Marriage

Rejection Sensitivity, Irrational Jealousy and Impact on Relationships

For Women Only: How to Have the Relationship of Your Dreams

What to Do When Your Partner's Jealousy Threatens to Destroy Your Relationship

Making Attributions for a Healthier Attitude

Happiness is An Attitude

Thinking Your Way to a Healthy Weight

Guide to How to Set Achieveable Goals

The Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

Co-Dependency: An Issue of Control

The Pillars of the Self-Concept: Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy

Catastrophe? Or Inconvenience?


Panic Assistance

Motivational Audios

Mindfulness Training

Rational Thinking

Relaxation for Children

Change Yourself--Don't Wait for the World to Change

Loving Kindness Meditation

Self-Esteem Exercise

Meadow Relaxation

Rainy Autumn Morning

Energizing Audios

Quick Stress Relief

Thinking Your Way to a Healthy Weight

Lies You Were Told

Choosing Happiness

Lotus Flower Relaxation

Audio Version of Article: Crazy-Makers: Passive-Aggressive People

Audio Version of Article: Why Are People Mean? Don't Take It Personally!

Audio Version of Article: Happiness Is An Attitude

All Audio Articles

Kindle Books by Dr. Monica Frank


How You Can Be More Resistant to Workplace Bullying

Are You Passive Aggressive and Want to Change?

When Your Loved One Refuses Help

The Porcupine Effect: Pushing Others Away When You Want to Connect

What if You Considered Other Peoples' Views?

20 Steps to Better Self-Esteem

7 Rules and 8 Methods for Responding to Passive-aggressive People

5 Common Microaggressions Against Those With Mental Illness

What to Expect from Mindfulness-based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (MCBT) When You Have Depression and Anxiety

Does Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Lack Compassion? It Depends Upon the Therapist

When Needs Come Into Conflict

What to Do When Anger Hurts Those You Love

A Brief Primer On the Biology of Stress and How CBT Can Help

50 Tools for Panic and Anxiety

Coping With Change: Psychological Flexibility

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Ending a Bad Relationship

I'm Depressed. I'm Overwhelmed. Where Do I Start?


Hot Springs Relaxation

5 Methods to Managing Anger

Panic Assistance While Driving

Autogenic Relaxation Training

Rainbow Sandbox Mindfulness

Mindfulness Training

Riding a Horse Across the Plains

Cityscape Mindfulness

Change Yourself--Don't Wait for the World to Change

The Great Desert Mindfulness

Tropical Garden Mindfulness

Thinking Your Way to a Healthy Weight

Lies You Were Told

Probability and OCD

Choosing Happiness

Magic Bubbles for Children

Lotus Flower Relaxation

Cloud Castles for Children

Hot Air Balloon Motivation

Day of Fishing Mindfulness

Audio Version of Article: Struggling to Forgive: An Inability to Grieve

All Audio Articles

Free Audio Downloads!

  • Imagery Relaxation Audios
  • Meditation Audios
  • Energizing Audios
  • Motivational Audios
  • Relaxation Audios for Children
  • Education and Assistance Audios
  • Anxiety Assistance Audios
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Assistance Audios
  • Self-Esteem Audios
  • Quick Stress Relief and Muscle Relaxation
  • SportPsych Training
  • Weight Control Audios
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Imagery Relaxation

    What is imagery relaxation?

    Imagery relaxation focuses on teaching the three main methods of relaxation:
  • slow, relaxed breathing
  • muscle relaxation
  • guided imagery
  • How to use these audios

  • Find a quiet place, sit or lie down comfortably, and just listen
  • Choose imagery you think you might like
  • Different audios offer different experiences
  • Listening to the same audio again and again may uncover layers of experience

  • Rainy Autumn Morning Relaxation

    Hot Springs Relaxation

    Riding a Horse Across the Plains Relaxation

    Cityscape Mindfulness

    Sunrise on the Beach Mindfulness

    Tropical Garden Mindfulness

    The Great Desert Mindfulness

    Day of Fishing Mindfulness

    The Meadow Relaxtion

    Mountain Cabin Relaxation

    Day on the Farm Mindfulness

    Lotus Flower Relaxation

    Rainbow Relaxation Emotion Training

    Hot Air Balloon Motivation

    Starry Night Relaxation


    These audios use the meditation techniques from Buddhist psychology which uses the methods from Buddhism for life enhancement. As such, they are not religiously based but focused on changing thinking about ourselves and others to provide greater peace and contentment.

    Loving Kindness Meditation

    Compassion Meditation

    Pathways Meditation

    Yogic Breath Training


    The following audios are to help increase energy.

    Wake Up Mindfulness

    Energizing the Body and Mind

    Mindful Breathing



    These audios focus on improving your life by changing your attitude and removing obstacles in your thinking.

    Choosing Happiness

    Change Yourself--Don't Wait for the World to Change

    Thinking Your Way to a Healthy Weight

    Hot Air Balloon Motivation

    Risk and Planning for Success

    Aging with Integrity

    Relaxation Stories for Children

    Not just for children, but for the young at heart, these relaxation stories help children learn how to calm themselves. They are great for helping children fall asleep more peacefully at night.

    Rainbow Sandbox Mindfulness

    Bouncing Ball Mindfulness

    Magic Book

    Magic Bubbles

    Magical Forest

    Cloud Castles

    Anxiety Assistance

    The anxiety assistance audios are to help cope with general anxiety and panic.

    Learning to Tolerate Anxiety

    Panic Assistance

    Mindful Grounding

    Social Anxiety Assistance

    Stress Education

    Rational Thinking

    The Worry Box

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Assistance

    The assistance audios are to help you with changing some of the underlying thinking that is involved with OCD.

    Excessive Responsibility and OCD

    Probability and OCD

    OCD Intrusive Thoughts Reassurance

    Magical Thinking and OCD

    Self-esteem Assistance

    The self-esteem audios are to help you improve your self-concept and self-esteem so that you feel better about yourself and are better able to cope with life's challenges.

    Self-Esteem Full Version

    Self-Esteem Self-Talk

    Self-Esteem Train

    Self-Esteem Blackboard

    Rational Thinking

    Quick Stress Relief and Muscle Relaxation

    Audios that teach methods to help you with quick stress relief throughout the day. Once you learn these methods, you can use them frequently to help manage stress symptoms.

    Autogenic Relaxation Training

    Mindful Breathing

    Muscle Scan

    Tense and Release


    Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    SportPsych Training

    The following audios are to assist with athletic performance. They can also be used for other types of performance.

    In addition to the following, the Mindfulness Practice Audios can be very helpful to improving athletic performance through mindful awareness.

    Sport Motivation

    Intensity Training

    Sport Imagery Exercise

    Energizing the Body and Mind

    Weight Control

    These audios focus on changing thinking related to problems with weight control.

    Thinking Your Way to a Healthy Weight

    Creating Awareness of Overeating Consequences

    Risk and Planning for Success

    Hot Air Balloon Motivation

    Mindfulness Practice

    Understanding Mindfulness: Step 1--Basic Mindfulness Practice

    Understanding Mindfulness: Step 2--The Mindful Experience of Discomfort

    Understanding Mindfulness: Step 3--Mindfulness and Unpleasant Emotions

    Understanding Mindfulness: STEP 4--Mindfulness and Cognitive Restructuring

    Understanding Mindfulness: STEP 5--Mindfulness and Grief

    Additional reading:

  • Why Are Meditative Relaxation and Mindfulness Important?
  • A Brief Primer on the Biology of Stress and How CBT Can Help
  • PsychNotes: Mindfulness and Relaxation Methods

  • The Mindful Attitude now available on Kindle!

    Mindfulness Practice Exercises

    Mindfulness Exercise 1: Eating a Piece of Fruit

    Mindfulness Exercise 2: Eating a Piece of Chocolate

    Mindfulness Exercise 3: Doing the Dishes

    Mindfulness Exercise 4: Eating a Crunchy Vegetable

    Mindfulness Exercise 5: Sitting

    Mindfulness Exercise 6: An Itch

    Mindfulness Exercise 7: Stretching

    Mindfulness Exercise 8: Walking

    Mindfulness Exercise 9: Feeling the Air

    Mindfulness Exercise 10: Engaged in Conversation

    Mindfulness Exercise 11: Reading a Book

    Mindfulness Exercise 12: Closing Your Eyes

    Mindfulness Exercise 13: Listening

    Mindfulness Exercise 14: Feeling Heat

    Mindfulness Exercise 15: Feeling Cold

    Mindfulness Exercise 16: Doing an Unpleasant Chore

    Mindfulness Exercise 17: Touching a Door Knob

    Mindfulness Exercise 18: Getting Dressed

    Mindfulness Exercise 19: Experiencing Rain

    Mindfulness Exercise 20: Experiencing a Neutral Object

    Mindfulness Exercise 21: Digging in the Garden

    Mindfulness Exercise 22: Walking Up Stairs

    Mindfulness Exercise 23: Lifting Weights

    Mindfulness Exercise 24: Lying Down

    Mindfulness Exercise 25: Drifting to Sleep

    Mindfulness Exercise 26: Exercise to Exhaustion

    Mindfulness Exercise 27: Feeling Bored

    Mindfulness Exercise 28: Feeling Excitement

    Mindfulness Exercise 29: Feeling Loneliness

    Mindfulness Exercise 30: Feeling Disappointment

    Mindfulness Exercise 31: Feeling Embarrassed

    Mindfulness Exercise 32: Feeling Frustrated

    Mindfulness Exercise 33: Feeling Sadness

    Mindfulness Exercise 34: Feeling Helpless

    Mindfulness Exercise 35: Feeling Remorse

    Mindfulness Exercise 36: Feeling Apprehension

    Professionally Recorded at:

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